Fort Desolation isn't a place.

It’s the notion that the road can always take you somewhere wonderful—where you can climb a mountain, soak in a secret swimming hole, gaze at a starry sky and get as lost as you want to be.
The spirit of Fort Desolation is as old as humankind. But our story began with three kids growing up in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains—back when kids were latchkey kids. And all that freedom was well-spent. We rode dirt bikes. Explored mineshafts. Skied the backcountry. Danced around bonfires. Taught ourselves to fly fish. Slept under the stars.
In our teens, one of us scraped together enough money to buy a 1974 Toyota Landcruiser that unlocked a whole new level of exploration. The terms van life and overland travel weren’t thrown around back then like they are now. But we quickly learned that a solid vehicle, a full tank of gas and the right gear could take us anywhere.
Fort Desolation is our way of continuing the adventure and inspiring others to do the same. We’re here to curate unique experiences and high-quality goods for vehicle-supported travelers. If that sounds like you, throw some gear into whatever you’re driving and point it somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.